Shoe lifts have bee made for people who are not that happy with there height and wish to grow..or appear to grow a few inches taller that might be all it takes to appear tall.

Well with heel lifts that can actually improve gait patterns and other things like posture it can improve height and confidence in one. Loads of the most famous people in the world will actually wear them in the hope of appearing taller. and guess what? For them they are actually getting away with it...Why? Well because heel lifts are discrete and for anyone who hasn't got the inside knowledge by some one actually telling them they are wearing a pair of these height increasing insoles it is actually impossible for people to even guess they are wearing them because they are invisible and hidden out of sight when you are wearing them. This means you are safe in the knowledge that noon will guess that you are not actually tall just wearing shoe lifts and can walk with confidence instead.

The built in orthotics in most shoe lifts that can be bought online means that they are comfortable and will prevent foot pain and other problems like plantar fasciitis and even bunions from developing which can be quite painful. They have heel grips as well built in so that you dont slip around in your shoes.

To find out more information about these heel lifts there are various website you can find out about more on them  including this one:

You can buy them also at affordable prices and because you can buy them online not even the person buying them from will know who you are.